Nuno Renovation Creations

Our company specializes in home renovations. Whether it is for a complete renovation of your home or for a specific space, we will be able to meet your needs and make your vision a reality. The renovation process involves numerous steps to properly plan and orchestrate to ensure the project is carried out smoothly and without delay. It all starts with an idea that we will discuss and which will be subjected to a stage of feasibility study and drawing up plans, when needed. We will then guide you through the step of obtaining permits and choosing materials. We will draw up a detailed planning of the work and order the materials. The site and facilities will be prepared. The demolition of existing spaces and facilities will be carried out, if necessary. Then, the real work will begin, ranging from reconstruction to finishing work. After a good cleaning of the site, you can finally appreciate the work done and take full advantage of it!
Custom Creation
Each house has its particularities, and each individual has their own preferences and needs. When you live in a space, you often realize that some things could be improved. Whether it is to optimize the practical side, to improve the aesthetics or the comfort of certain elements, custom creations can add great value to your home. It is not always necessary to completely renovate a house in order to have the impression of being in a new house. Creativity is the key!
Some possibilities:
New Homes
Are you building a new house? What a beautiful project! Our company can offer you its services for interior construction. Often the main focus of builders is not to arrange and customize the interior of the home to meet your personalized needs. Some turn-key construction projects can be interesting for practical and financial reasons, but it can happen that the interior layout, choice of materials or that the proposed style does not reflect the needs of the customers. For us, a new house is a blank canvas on which we can give shape and color to your ideas!