Nuno Renovation Creations

Frequenty Asked Questions
As a general rule, a permit issued by the city or municipality is required to carry out major renovations. These are easy to obtain and the costs are minimal. You can obtain them by contacting your municipality directly, or we can guide you through this process. For small renovation works such as painting or changing doors or cabinets, it will generally not be necessary to apply for a permit.

Yes, we offer free quotes. In order for the submission to be as accurate and complete as possible, a detailed plan of the project and the types of materials to be used are required.

However, we can give a cost estimate based on the project description and photos of the space.

The time required to complete a project varies on the type of project and its size. We will be able to send you a project schedule with the submission.

In our experience, it is much easier and faster to work with plans prepared beforehand by an architect or designer. This reduces unforeseen costs, facilitates communication from the start and gives both parties a clear idea of ​​the end result. For these reasons, we will carry out major projects only if plans have been made. You can choose and hire your architect or designer yourself or we can guide you through this process by calling on our partners.

It will not be necessary to obtain plans for simple renovation work such as changing floors or doors, painting walls, installing moldings, etc.

We generally work from fixed price contracts. This avoids surprises and ensures that the planned budget will be respected. However, if you wish to make an addition or a modification to the initial project, additional costs may be requested. On our side, no modification to the contract will be made without your consent.

There are three main types of contracts in the field of renovation. The fixed price contract applies for very specific and detailed work that is offered for a fixed cost. The estimate contract is based on an estimate of the costs of a project, but these can increase if unforeseen events justify a price increase. These changes must of course be explained by the entrepreneur. The variable price (or cost plus) contract consists of charging the customer the direct costs for materials and labor by adding a management fee.

We prefer fixed price contracts to avoid any surprises.

It all depends on the nature of the work and the parts affected. The main inconveniences of staying in a house when renovations are underway are noise, dust and limited access to certain areas. To limit disturbances, we establish a detailed work plan and we isolate each of the areas worked. We ensure good ventilation of the premises and we use air filters to neutralize odors and the spread of dust. After each day of work, the premises are left in a safe and orderly condition.

Yes, we have a general contractor license issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). All our employees also have their Health and Safety card on construction sites, as well as your house will be ensure for the duration of the work.

Yes, we can accompany you on a tour of the house. Depending on what you want to do, we can advise you, give you suggestions for improvement, as well as a general idea of the costs. However, we charge for this service at an hourly rate of $150.