Nuno Renovation Creations

Helping to transform your house into your dream home!
We are a small business dedicated to changing and improving the houses of our clients so they can have a place where they feel at home and can enjoy spending time with family and friends. We believe that wellbeing is optimized by our environment through beauty and comfort.
Our team specializes in home renovations, whether for a complete renovation or for certain specific elements (kitchen, bathroom, entrance, patio, etc.). We also like to offer our customers personalized and custom-made creations to meet their specific needs. We can do all the finishing work on new residential construction. Finally, our company can offer you design services to optimize the work.

Our mission is to help you realize your ideas and vision by putting them into practice.
Guiding you with the best advice, giving you new perspectives and creating dialogue, we can achieve together the best outcome to your dream home. Creativity, communication and professionalism are at the foundations of our business. Our flexibility, our listening to the client and our concern for a job well done ensure you an optimal final result which gives you, at the end of the project, a feeling of accomplishment. Our approach of continuous improvement and the search for excellence leads us to continually improve our practices and develop our skills. We enjoy working with a diverse clientele and we speak four languages (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Our values are in sink with what we do and how we do it. Transparency, commitment to delivering excellent quality work, reliability and social responsibility are key facets of our business. We offer, for our employees, a quality work environment where people are at the forefront and which offers opportunities for those who wish to excel.

Our vision is to be a company that has a positive impact in the lives of our customers and our team by contributing to their sense of well-being and personal accomplishment. We believe that in order to have a better world, we need better human relationships.

Nuno Jacob
Nuno has always had a passion for creating and transforming physical spaces. Whether through planning, design, renovation or construction, Nuno is overflowing with creativity to optimize and improve living spaces. For him, a well-designed and well-appointed place helps us to be present to our environment and to fully enjoy the moment. An electrician by training, Nuno has evolved for nearly 30 years in the renovation and construction industry, expanding his activities over time. It is a world that fascinates him. Having lived much of his life in Portugal, his work is tinged with a European touch. Imagining, creating, building and learning are a great source of pleasure and satisfaction for him.
Camille Lafrance
A manager by training, she loves everything related to project, administrative and human resources management. She enthusiastically and successfully juggles several projects at once. After long, busy days at work, she loves recharging her batteries in a beautiful, calm, uncluttered and comfortable environment. Nowhere better than home to replenish your energy!