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Tips for choosing the right contractor

Are you finally ready to take action and embark on a renovation project? Nervous about how to find the right contractor? Here are some tips that can guide you: First, even if a contractor has excellent references, we recommend that you meet at least three to obtain estimates and have comparisons. In addition, because every client is different, a friend’s much-loved referral might not quite fit your needs.

When contacting a contractor, pay attention to their availability. Is the company easily reachable? Does the contractor travel himself to meet you? Is it possible to speak directly and easily to the person who will supervise the site? The construction industry is often busy and at full speed. However, you need time with your contractor to discuss the project, to ask questions and to be reassured. Therefore, pay particular attention during your meetings. Are they listening? Do they take the time to really understand your needs? Also, many contractors have busy schedules, and they might need to ask you for an extension to complete the project. Make sure that these deadlines suit you and are realistic. Some contractors juggle several sites at the same time, without having the necessary personnel. It is essential that the contractor is present and available to be able to manage the employees and subcontractors.

Reliability and Quality
All contractors will speak highly of their own work. How do you know if the company is really reliable? First, pay attention to the small commitments made. Does the company return calls within a reasonable time? Does the contractor show up on time? Do they send the bid on time? It is not uncommon for many to fail to honor these simple commitments, which can say a lot about the general management of the company. It is essential to ensure the quality and reliability by verifying a few things. Does the company have positive reviews published on the internet, or interesting references? Do they have previous work to show as examples? Does the contractor hold a valid license issued by the RBQ, insurance, and a bond to protect you? Companies, such as RénoAssistance, exist to help you verify the reliability of contractors. You can also check the validity of a contractor’s license yourself with the RBQ.

Project Analysis
Once the contractors have been met, you will receive quotes that will be important to analyze. Does the proposed project meet your needs? Does the cost meet your budget? Does the schedule and timeline of the project suit you? You can also discuss in more depth with the contractor certain elements that will be included in the contract, such as the terms of payment, the use of the site, the methods of protection for the unrenovated parts of the house, etc. Once again, you should observe his openness and response to your questions and requests.

Final choice
Finally, after all these steps, you will be able to make an informed choice and entrust the realization of your beautiful project to someone you trust. Major projects truly require teamwork between the client and the contractor. It is essential that a bond of trust and respect be present. If you are still not satisfied with your research, do not be discouraged, and start the process over. You will certainly find the person who will listen to you and implement your vision. There are excellent entrepreneurs in Quebec!

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